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Petroleum price data

Kalibrate offers an extensive database of current and historical petroleum retail prices, wholesale prices, refiner and marketer gross margin analysis, taxation histories and crude oil postings. Margins provide an indictation of the relative effects of crude prices, taxes, and refining and marketing “mark-up” or gross margin, on the final consumer price.

Daily pump price survey (DPPS)

Fuel prices presented on this website are done with funding provided by the Government of Canada. These prices are used to support the analysis available at the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) website.

Kalibrate conducts a daily survey of prices for retail gasoline and diesel fuels in 70 different cities. Propane and furnace fuel prices are collected only on Tuesday, for a limitied number of markets. The survey is made available on our website approximately 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time every day.

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Daily average Canadian margins and taxes (cpl)

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Pricing analytics

Full monty view

Allows the user to select any subset of data they would like to see in a variety of chart types.


View Unleaded, Diesel or Furnace Oil margins by market, province or all of Canada.

Timeline view

View data over various timeframes with the ability to zoom in to select periods.

Benchmark view

Select a benchmark market and compare selected markets to it.

Current price report

  • Current Canadian fuel prices (CPL)
  • Average Canadian prices compared to last week and last year (CPL)



    Furnace oil*

  • Markets with largest price increase
    over the last week (CPL)



    Furnace oil*

  • Markets with largest price decrease
    over the lst week (CPL)



    Furnace oil*

This price represents Tuesday’s prices only (*)

The Canadian quarterly report

The Quarterly Report of Petroleum Pricing in Canada provides an in-depth analysis of crude, wholesale and retail pump prices. To view the report (in English or French) please click here.

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Petroleum volume data

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